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Speaker, Negotiator, Coach, Consultant

Mary A. Redmond, "The FearLess Negotiator," is a negotiation and body language expert, professional speaker, author and coach.

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What to Expect

"It was magical how you connected with the audience... You gave us skills to take back to the workplace... You understood our needs and were a pleasure to work with... Thank you for working our conference theme into your presentations." - Phyllis Fulk, Northland Medical Managers

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More About Mary

Mary's warm and passionate style, infused with humor, inspires and challenges audiences to create new ways to embrace life.

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Negotiation and Body Language Speaker

Especially for conference organizers, event planners and association executives.

Whether you’re looking for a professional keynote speaker or an interactive, high-energy breakout session facilitator, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Audiences including sales dynamos, exhausted executives, frustrated financiers, middle-of-the-road managers, career changers and baby boomers identify with Mary’s stories.

They’re chocked full of real life negotiation victory celebrations and occasional moments of crash and burn disasters. She survived them all in high stakes, sales trench-negotiations corporate warfare.


Your WHY With Mary

A flexible speaker with a Dozen Life Lessons that adjust   attitudes and find the More

Why does Mary reveal so much, including her biggest mistakes, bad choices, accidents, most embarrassing moments and personal disasters? She knows we all love a good train wreck as long as we are not on the train or stuck on the track

As a lifelong student of human behavior, she too has done her share of rubbernecking. That’s the great human trait of watching disaster strike others with morbid curiosity. All the while saying, “At least that isn’t happening to me.”


More About Mary

Experienced, innovative, sometimes shocking, often funny, always real.

Mary survived 25 years working for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. She understands the challenges that executives, managers and team players face when corporations face change.

And as an improvisational comedy performer, Mary knows how to adapt and anticipate her audience’s needs and moods.

Mary negotiates with anyone for almost anything. That’s how she earned the reputation as the FearLess Negotiator.


Mary Redmond offers advice to businesswomen on how to negotiate, prepare for a presentation and create a relationship with a mentor. Watch video here.