What Others Say . . .

“Mary knows how to ignite a crowd. She connects with her audience by incorporating industry specific examples into her presentations. Our team walked away with actionable items that will benefit them in their day to day interactions with clients and partners.”

Brandi Riggs, SPHR, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources, McCown Gordon Construction

“You were superb.  I felt that I was experiencing sky diving.  Your energy and humor held the audience, throughout.”

Garrett Gardner, Founder and President FULL VOICE, Kansas City., MO

“I also appreciate how you involved the audience by using them as part of the teaching process during the presentation.  Personally, I will practice using the Wonder Woman pose to help me when engaging with a a predominantly male workforce.

Sunshine Petrone, President IPMA-HR Greater KC Chapter

” Mary Redmond’s Fearless Negotiation workshops and presentations have hit the mark for our conference attendees for over 10-years.

She understands the complex and stressful negotiations that our Law Firm Administrator members deal with every day. She always shares tips they can implement immediately. Her style is humorous and fast-paced. Her content is custom-tailored to our members. Each story is engaging and our members love Mary. “

Peggy L. Siems, Professional Development Program Manager, Association of Legal Administrators

You did a great job. You understood your audience, you engaged them, and you were humorous when needed, yet had a sincere well thought-out message.

Howard Putnam, Former CEO, Southwest Airlines

Many thanks for the high energy, humor and heartfelt empathy that you expressed to our chapter members. As Chairman of the Professional Development Committee, I find challenges in presenting development material that is beneficial to the Professional side of our membership and the Associate (vendor) side…Professional members used your material to help their jobs, Associate comments came back with positive aspects that  helped them in their business.

Richard Collins, Professional Development Chair, IFMA Houston

Mary was well received by all attendees. We heard many comments such as “thought provoking” and “we want more time with Mary Redmond.” We would highly recommend Mary as a speaker and definitely will consider her for future engagements.

Rhonda Ross, Corporate Secretary, NACM Credit Professionals Alliance

It was magical how you connected with the audience…you really inspired us to watch for “the body language”! Your presentation on Communication and Listening gave us skills to take back to the workplace and put to use immediately. Selfishly, it was also great to work with you – you understood our needs and were a pleasure to work with, easygoing, professional and open. Thank you for working our conference theme into your presentations.

Phyllis Fulk, Past President/Symposium Chair, Northland Medical Managers

Your body language topic, “I Don’t See What You’re Saying,” was perfect, since the majority of us work with men who don’t say what they mean, but tend to show it through body language. Thank you!

The Missouri Division, IAAP

“In that hour long presentation you gave me a sense of confidence that I have never really felt before. Your words really got through to me. . .The way you spoke and the little activities you had us do has really resonated with me. You are truly an inspiration. Deciding to go to your presentation was the best decision I could have made. Thank you for spreading the importance of negotiating and always asking for what you want and even more. . .I wish everyone could experience that presentation; it was awesome. I wish you best as you continue to spread your message, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ ”

Katherine Ohnesorge, Northwest Missouri State University