Changes and Choices: It’s Your Attitude

Mary donned her first hat more than 19 years ago. Today she uses hats to help her introduce characters and opportunities when she and her fearless friends demonstrated courage.

Courage to change, face bad news, celebrate triumph and embrace life. Her stories are scattered with sparks of humor as she learned to laugh and cry at her mistakes. Her warm, passionate style inspires and challenges you to create new ways to embrace your life.

Mary reveals life challenges that forced her to choose change. Those life alterations meant growth. Sometimes the transformation was dramatic; other times subtle.

Mary dares her audiences to make subtle adjustments so that they too live more powerful, passionate lives. Change is scary, seldom optional. Embrace it!

Keynotes Tailored to Your Event

Mary tailors her keynotes to your event. From Mary’s Dozen Life Lessons Menu at the right, select the three take aways you want your audience, employees or conference attendees to embrace, focus on or delve deeper into.

For Example: Choose the following Life Lessons for a quarterly sales meeting.

  1. Create a Rock Star Attitude: Challenges the team to continue to practice and improve their sales expertise, product knowledge and closing skills. Rock starts status requires practice and discipline to stay sharp and fully prepared for each selling opportunity.
  2. Listen Carefully: Show ‘em You Care-Fully. Demonstrates and tests the audience’s current listening skillset with quick audience exercises. Then Mary shares communication tools, resources and tactics that are guaranteed to serve as reminders for veteran sales performers who have allowed their listening capabilities to grow rusty. For newer employees, sales producers or customer service representatives, the session will open new communication avenues, increased sales success and more personal job satisfaction.
  3. The Expectation Trap. In life, one should never assume to have the “deal/contract/sale or prospect in the bag.” Continued vigilance is required to avoid surprises. Unless team members take the time to uncover their customer’s hidden concerns, clarify the details and confirm understanding, success is fleeting and inconsistent. In these challenging economic times, companies can ill afford to have employees who are not hitting on all cylinders every day.
Be ready to have fun when you select your meeting message key concepts from Mary’s Dozen Life Lessons Menu. At the end of the day you’ll look at your watch and say, “IT’S OVER? I feel like we just got here!”

Consider using Mary for breakout sessions, special Board of Directors conference gathering, or for Bonus Session for event sponsor or key organization supporters. She can tailor a “deep dive” into her keynote content or a 35,000-foot view on one of her areas of expertise.



Keep On Keepin ‘On: Destination More

More. Have you tried to use Google Maps to get directions to the “More store?” How do you download the “More app” for your iPhone? Are you looking for More in your life? More fun, more friends, more love, more excitement? How about more peace, serenity and contentment?

More is not for sale. More is an inside job. It’s found in your soul. After years of surviving and getting by, Mary decided that she wanted to Live. She needed More in her life and was ready to Strive, Revive and Thrive. On her journey to More, she discovered four Serenity Keys. She embraces these every day.

It’s the G-HOW Plan.

  1. Gratitude– Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ each day…for life and love.
  2. Honesty – With yourself and others.
  3. Openness – To the new…whatever it may be.
  4. Willingness – To step outside your comfort zone.

Your journey for More may share similarities…the twists, turns, decisions and choices. Mary will show you how you can use the four Serenity Keys to find the More in your life. To move from “just getting by” to “flying high and fully alive.” Soar with Mary to find your More!

I wanted to personally thank you for your kindness and wisdom at the Dental Manager meeting. After having a really bad day at work, you lightened my spirit and ended my day on a positive note. I want you to know how much I appreciated you and your message. I hope our paths will cross again in the future!

Colleen Lekie

“You are making a difference in the lives of others! I was touched by your presentation and I know that my fellow administrative assistants were as well.”

Sarah Stump, Emporia State University

Mary's Menu

Dozen Life H-Attitude Lessons

Select 3 for your event

  1. Your Light Shine: What others think is none of your business.
  2. Habits: Good, bad, deadly. Options – change, keep, outgrow.
  3. Rock Star Attitude: Let your rock star out.
  4. Fears: What is your approach? Face, flee, fight, fold, freeze.
  5. The Expectation Trap: Do expectations keep you in a cage?
  6. Take Care of YOU for Me: Explore the power of friendship.
  7. Healing Hands: Touch others to heal them.
  8. My Bag is Packed: Did I forget something?
  9. Hold, Fold or Walk: During change or conflict, what do you do?
  10. New York Bucket List: What happens now?
  11. SCOT and the SLIP: Options and choices. How to decide.
  12. Listen Care-FULLY: The power of quiet communication.