Mary A. Redmond is a professional speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur. She speaks, consults and writes nationally on the subjects of negotiations, persuasive communication and body language, equipment finance, sales techniques and entrepreneurship. She is a contributing editor for industry and trade magazines, and is active in professional groups including the National Speakers Association and the International Coaches Federation.

Several of her published articles are available below for downloading.


Negotiation – General

7 Ways to Win Your Next Negotiation. By Dave Vagnoni. Expert advice on how to negotiate successfully in seven different scenarios, featuring Mary Redmond as guest expert. April 2010 cover story of Counselor Magazine. (PDF)

Rock Star Negotiators (PDF)

Negotiation Tip for Women (PDF)

Tools to Use if You Face Ethical Challenges (PDF)

Be the Negotiator You Fear, Bold and Prepared (PDF)

Standard Contracts, No Laughing Matter (PDF)


Negotiation – Contracts & Leases

Negotiators to the Rescue. Article published in September/October 2010 issue of ALA’s Legal Management. (PDF)

Watch the Fine Print. Article published in Summer/Fall 2011 issue of the New Jersey ALA Jer-Z-Journal. (PDF)

5 Negotiations That Save You Money on Equipment Leases (PDF)

Lease Negotiation, Pay Attention or Pay the Price (PDF)

4 Ways to Negotiate a Copier Lease and Save Money (PDF)

Benefits of 3rd Party Lease Expert – What They Think. By Clint Bolte, featured in February 2010 Print CEO. The problems companies experience when an independent lease expert doesn’t review and negotiate their equipment leases. View online at

7 Tips to Growth and ProsperityAugust 2009 cover story of NAQP Network, the monthly newsletter of the National Association of Quick Printers. (PDF)

Smart Leasing Strategies: It’s in the Fine Print (PDF)

Third Party Lease Review. By Clint Bolte, featured in InPlant Graphics, January 2008. View online at or download the PDF.

Find the ‘Gotchas’ in Equipment Leasing – White Paper. 2008 White Paper for 93rd Annual International Supply Management Conference. (PDF)

Possible Quebecor Fallout. By Clint Bolte. (PDF)

Buy or Lease. By Kevin F. Clune, CLP, featured in The Commercial Journal, 2007. (PDF)

Broken Equipment Blues. Featured in Lease Line. (PDF)

The ‘Gotchas’ of Equipment Leasing 2007 White Paper for 92nd Annual International Supply Management Conference. (PDF)

Consultant Helps Clients Lease on Their Own Terms. Featured in The Kansas City Business Journal. (PDF)

New Life on Leases. Featured in Legal Management, Association of Legal Administrators. (PDF)

How the RFP Process Saves You Time and Money (PDF)

123s of RFPs Featured in Legal Management, Association of Legal Administrators. (PDF)


icon_audio__45910_stdMary’s 16-year sobriety journey and the challenges she still faces from a traumatic brain injury. April 30, 2015 interview on the Walt Grassl Stand Up and Speak Up radio show.  Listen here.


icon_audio__45910_stdMary’s business tips and ideas: the H.E.A.R.D. Negotiation and G-HOW processes. March 26, 2015 interview on the Walt Grassl Stand Up and Speak Up radio show.  Listen here.
Leasing Teleconference: 10 Ways to Reduce Equipment Lease Spending

NAPL GraphExpo Podcast: Equipment Leasing Discussion

Persuasive Communication & Body Language Articles

Psychic or Body Language Expert: You Decide. Excerpts of this article were printed in Mary’s monthly column “Seminars in Print: Leasing” for Dealer Communicator, a Graphic Arts industry publication from Fichera Publishing. (PDF)

We Save Time Using Email, Don’t We? (PDF)

A Matter of Speaking (PDF)

10 Rules From the Best Business Coach: MOM (PDF)

Do You Sell with Integrity? (PDF)