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Nothing happens in 7-seven seconds? I can’t change my life in 7-seconds…can I?

Consider what is possible:

  1. High-speed Hot Rod: The Tesla can go from a dead stop to a speed of 65 in 7 seconds.
  2. Quick Decisions: Researches say we decide if we like someone within 7-seconds.
  3. Fleet Footed: The cheetah, the fastest land animal, can reach 60 mph in less than 3-seconds.
  4. Motor Mouth: In 1990, on the British television show, Steve Woodmore spoke 74-words in 6-seconds and could utter 637 words in 1-minute.

What can you do to today in as few as 7-seconds that will improve the quality of your life?

Ten Guaranteed Actions To Change Your Life That Won’t Cost You A Penny

  1. Pause before giving your boss a fast “NO” response to a new idea.
  2. The payoff for returning the smile of your flight attendant on an early bird flight will certainly make you feel better than if you frowned at them.
  3. Affirmatively nod, lean slightly forwards and LISTEN CAREFULLY to a customer who seems to be giving you a list of reasons why they can’t buy your product.
  4. Hug and kiss your child before they fall asleep. Both of you will get a better night’s sleep.
  5. Hold the door open for someone carrying a load of packages as they enter or leave a building. Don’t worry about their gender or yours. It’s all about helping another human.
  6. Take a deep breath from your belly when you’d rather return a verbal insult from a rival.
  7. Be the second car to proceed through an intersection after stopping at a traffic light. You might avoid a collision with someone who is late for work and decided to run a red light.
  8. Just say “No thank you” to a second helping of dessert at the next holiday dinner. You really will feel better the following day and self-esteem will grow.
  9. Apologize as soon as harsh words have passed your lips. It may not erase the pain and hurt the recipient of your words feels but it can start the healing process.
  10. Thank your creator for a full and productive day and the chance at another even better one tomorrow.

All ten tips will take a few seconds to implement. I promise your life will be a whole lot more fun, your health will improve and your outlook about your future will be brighter. That beats a ton of anti-depressants, hours in therapy or huge liquor bill at the local neighborhood bar.

Mary Redmond is a top-rated female professional speaker, author, consultant and business coach.  She is a negotiation and body language expert that instills confidence, inspiration and expert knowledge that sets up her audiences for success!