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Would it surprise you to find out that the FearLess Negotiator has held onto to a fear since the age of eight? I had no idea how to remove a life-long fear. Which seems crazy.

For 17-years, I’ve taught others how to become #FearLessNegotiators through my Keynote speeches, in coaching sessions and in onsite customized Negotiation client programs.

And yet, I had no tools to remove my life-long fear of tornadoes. The sound of a tornado siren paralyzes me. More than once, a tornado threat caused me to hide, huddled in a corner of a basement.

I was afraid of something I’d never seen and only heard twice. I’d seen pictures of homes destroyed by tornadoes in neighboring Kansas and Missouri.

My first tornado was at age 8. My mom took my brothers and sisters to hide in our basement as a tornado passed near us. I recall the roar of the tornado as it passed to the west side of our home but it didn’t damage our home or property.

Ever since that day, when I hear a tornado siren, I pace, In a panic, I search for a shelter, I cry and I hyperventilate.

Recently, on a lovely summer morning, I was having coffee at one of my favorite spots with a colleague and fellow speaker, Chukky Okobi. Chukky is a former Pro-football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He proudly wears a gorgeous Super Bowl ring. We were discussing the materials we share with our audiences as keynote speakers. The subject of how to be FearLess came up frequently.

Although my back was towards the window, I sensed something outside had changed. No tornado sirens warned me of danger. As I turned to look outside, I saw a dark ominous sky, storm clouds rolled outside, rain fell in sheets, winds blew. I went into Tornado Flight mode. I needed to find a safe hiding place.

As far as I was concerned, the meeting and our conversation was OVER!

I had moved from a relaxed conversation to full panic mode in 2-minutes. Chukky said, “would you like to get rid of that fear, forever?” I laughed. The idea of being free of a 50-year fear was insane.

He promised me he could  help me do that. In fact, we could do it on a Zoom call. It would take less than 30-minutes and my Tornado fear would be gone forever. Forever? No way.

Check out the video and see how my fear of tornadoes disappeared. I’ve been put to the “Tornado Test” two more times since I worked with Chukky and I’m #FearLess.

Thank you Chukky. If you too have a fear, or an emotional block  that keeps you from living the life you were meant to live, Call Chukky Okobi. He’ll share the “Basic Instructions” with you.