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coloringprojectSeptember is back to school time. My great-grandson began Pre-K this week. I was excited to watch his mom’s video interviewing him about his first day of school.

It was evident that both mom and dad had prepared him for the day. Wyatt colored a worksheet and knew the names of seven colors. He ate his entire snack (he’s not picky). In an efficient and quick demonstration, he showed mom how his teacher taught the class to wash their hands. In addition, he was awarded a sticker for completing his coloring assignment.

To summarize Wyatt’s day:

  1. He was prepared.
  2. Did the work assigned.
  3. Did not cause conflict or expect to be treated special.
  4. Followed the rules.
  5. Received a reward for a job well done.

If only we were all that prepared when we went to work. Is it time for you to get back to Business Basics?

To accomplish this, you’ll need to be honest and dig deep. Are you in such a rush to get to the first appointment that you take Short Cuts?

Don’t hope for a miracle or guru’s seminar until you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you prepared for the day? Did you look at the calendar to check what you’ve scheduled before walking out the door? Sounds elementary? I recently failed to do this, and relied on my memory. I pulled up at my Ophthalmologist’s office only to realize I was 24-hours early.
  2. Do you establish and accomplish priorities? Alternatively, did you do the easiest things first, never reaching to do the more challenging or long-range activities? There are few stickers awarded nor year-end bonuses paid for average performers. You might however, earn the office slacker nickname. 
  3. Do you get along with your colleagues? You’ve worked with those who act like Rock Stars and want to be treated as such. Often they are not great team players and add little to a successful organization. However, they require lots of attention.
  4. Rule Follower or Rule Breaker? Sometimes it’s necessary to be creative and initiate changes within the organization. If you are the Rule-Maker (boss), be sure all players know the new rules and how to achieve success within the system.
  5. Do the incentives fit the work expected from your team? For Wyatt, a sticker was a cool prize for coloring all the images and using a wide range of crayons. What’s the right reward for your work force? What motivates them? Money, flexible works days, bigger commissions, company stock awards, pizza, casual day, summer Friday afternoons off?

Going back to school can be fun; especially if you like the teacher and you make a few new friends.

Mary Redmond is a top-rated female professional speaker, author, consultant and business coach.  She is a negotiation and body language expert that instills confidence, inspiration and expert knowledge that sets up her audiences for success!